Kajiado is dry and boreholes are critical assets, NCII has sank several community boreholes. A standard borehole can be 120-250 metres in depth.


Water-pans may be suitable in some cases. A fair one can be a minimum one acre with a capacity of approximately 7 million litres or 2.6 million gallons.


We offer large capacity tanks to community. These range from 2,000 to 10,000 litres water capacity. They facilitate water storage during the rare rainy seasons.


Wells are manually dug out at family levels or shared by a few homesteads. The water is not free from contamination but at times the only option.

donkey use

Since water is transported over long distances, donkeys are used to as the primary means. The source could be a water pan, well or borehole.


This borehole is sunk in a school and also provides water to the community. The nearest waterpoint from the school is more than ten kilometers away.