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About Us

Our story

NCII is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting and protecting child rights in the Kajiado region of Kenya. We strive to create a better future for children by focusing on their well-being, education, health, and overall development.

Our mission

Nalala Community Initiatives International exists to holistically nurture and empower vulnerable children and their families to be economically, socially, spiritually and psychologically self-reliant and grow to be useful and acceptable members of a wider society.

Our vision

A less vulnerable community that is socioeconomically empowered and self-reliant.

Our values

• God first.
• Children and Community Focused.
• Accountability.
• Integrity.
• Efficiency.
• Commitment.
• Self-reliant community.

Our Objectives

Advocacy and Awareness: We raise awareness about child rights and advocate for policies and programs that promote their well-being and protection.

Education and Skill Development: We strive to improve access to quality education by supporting schools, constructing and repairing classrooms, providing scholarships, and implementing educational programs that enhance learning outcomes.

Health and Nutrition: We work to improve the health and nutrition of children by providing access to healthcare services, promoting hygiene practices, and addressing issues related to malnutrition via our medical facility in Emali.

Protection and Child Safeguarding: We promote child protection measures, raise awareness about child abuse, and work closely with local authorities to prevent and respond to cases of exploitation, violence, and neglect.

Community Empowerment: We engage with communities to build their capacity and empower them to actively participate in the protection and well-being of children. We do this via registered community women Groups.

Board of Directors

John Kimani


With a deep commitment to social impact and community development, John Kimani has been instrumental in spearheading NCII’s efforts to bring about positive change in Emali and its surrounding areas. As the CEO, John has displayed exceptional leadership and vision, guiding NCII in its mission to address critical issues and improve the lives of the local population. His dedication to sustainable development and the well-being of individuals and communities has earned him great respect among his peers and the wider community.

Under Mr. Kimani’s guidance, NCII has successfully implemented numerous initiatives focusing on education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and environmental conservation. Through strategic partnerships with local stakeholders and international organizations, NCII has been able to leverage resources and expertise, maximizing its impact and reaching those most in need.

Johana Tonken


Johana Tonken is a highly experienced individual with over 20 years of expertise in community development as the Coordinator for NCII. With a proven track record of dedication and commitment to the community, Johana has a wealth of knowledge on organizational coordination of activities and initiatives. Throughout his career, Johana has demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the community in Kajiado County and has actively worked towards finding sustainable solutions. 

His extensive experience in various aspects of development and community engagement has equipped him with the necessary tools to effectively coordinate and lead NCII’s initiatives. Johana’s passion for making a positive impact and his ability to build strong partnerships with local stakeholders have been instrumental in driving meaningful change. He firmly believes in the power of collaboration and is committed to fostering relationships with governmental bodies, local organizations, and individuals to ensure that NCII’s projects are aligned with the community’s needs. As the Coordinator for NCII, Johana will oversee the organization’s activities and initiatives in Kajiado County, working closely with a dedicated team to implement projects focused on education, healthcare, livelihoods, and sustainable development. His leadership and strategic vision will guide the organization towards achieving its mission of improving the lives of individuals and communities in the region.

Administration & Staff

Scholastica Mutua

Monitoring & Evaluation

Scholastica Mutua is a dedicated professional working as the Monitoring & Evaluation; Learning & Accountability Officer at NCII. As the M & E head, Scholastica is responsible for overseeing and managing the organization’s monitoring and evaluation processes, learning initiatives, and ensuring accountability in all program activities. Besides, she leads the team in Proposal writing and development.
In her role, Scholastica plays a crucial part in ensuring that NCII’s programs and projects are effectively monitored and evaluated to measure their impact and progress. This involves designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation frameworks, developing data collection tools, and analyzing data to generate insightful reports.

Additionally, as the Learning & Accountability Officer, Scholastica fosters a culture of learning within the organization. She promotes the utilization of evaluation findings and lessons learnt to improve program effectiveness and inform decision-making processes. She organize workshops, trainings, and knowledge-sharing sessions to facilitate learning and knowledge exchange among staff members and stakeholders.

Scholastica also focuses on ensuring accountability within NCII. This involves establishing mechanisms to track and report on project outcomes, compliance with organizational policies, and adherence to donor requirements. She develops accountability frameworks and support the implementation of effective feedback and complaint mechanisms. Overall, Scholastica Mutua plays a pivotal role in promoting evidence-based decision-making, learning, and accountability within NCII, contributing to the organization’s mission of making a positive impact in Kajiado County, Kenya.

Frida Kemunto


Frida Kemunto Momanyi is the Accountant working for NCII. As an accountant, Frida is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the organization, ensuring that funds are properly allocated, and maintaining accurate financial records. Working for an NGO with strict requirements means that Frida’s role involves a high level of financial transparency and accountability. The process of providing detailed financial information and reports to the organization’s funding sources is crucial. This ensures that donors have visibility into how their contributions are being utilized and helps maintain trust and accountability between the NGO and its donors.

Frida’s tasks likely include tracking income and expenses, preparing financial statements, maintaining financial records, and ensuring compliance with both internal and external financial regulations. She is also involved in budgeting and forecasting, financial analysis and providing financial reports to the organization’s management and board of directors.

Maureen Nadupoi

Field Activity Officer

As an integral part of our team, Maureen plays a crucial role in coordinating our field activities. With her exceptional interpersonal and strong organizational skills, Maureen ensures that our field operations run smoothly, on schedule and within budget.

Her wealth of experience in resource mobilization, both human and material, functions to aid in the seamless running of the organizational field activities.

In addition to her field operations responsibilities, Maureen brings vital technical know-how to the organization in the field of Water Engineering. Her background in the engineering space has proved resourceful to the organization, particularly on water-provision projects conducted in drought-stricken communities.

Billy Selenwa


Billy is a trained Nurse and has completed additional certifications in various specialized areas of nursing. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience working in different healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home care.

Known for his exceptional interpersonal skills, Billy excels at building strong relationships with patients and their families. He has a natural ability to put people at ease, making them feel comfortable and supported during their medical journey. Billy is a great listener and believes in open communication to understand patients’ needs and concerns fully.

In addition to his excellent bedside manner, Billy is highly skilled in providing comprehensive nursing care. He is well-versed in administering medications, monitoring vital signs, performing various medical procedures, and coordinating care plans. He stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in healthcare and continuously seeks opportunities for professional development.

Billy understands the importance of teamwork in delivering exceptional healthcare services. He collaborates effectively with colleagues to ensure a holistic approach to patient care.

Peter Kapelo

Security Officer

Peter Kapelo brings a diverse background in security and protection services, with a demonstrated ability to maintain a secure and safe environment, his extensive training and expertise in security protocols enable him to effectively handle a wide range of situations, ensuring the well-being and security of our premises, personnel, and assets.

Peter’s professional career in security spans over a decade, during which he has served in various capacities, including overseeing security operations, conducting risk assessments, implementing security measures, and managing emergency response procedures. He possesses an astute understanding of the latest security technologies and practices, enabling him to stay ahead of potential threats and mitigate risks effectively.

Moreover, Peter is known for his exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, which enable him to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, stakeholders, and law enforcement agencies. He is adept at establishing strong working relationships and fostering a positive security culture within the organization.

Perris Mutua

Office Caretaker

Perris Mutua is the Office Caretaker. As a Caretaker, Perris’ primary responsibility is to ensure the cleanliness, organization, and maintenance of office spaces within the NCII program. She plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and conducive work environment for staff and visitors.

Perris’s tasks include cleaning and sanitizing office areas, such as workstations, meeting rooms, and common areas. She’s also responsible for restocking office supplies, ensuring proper disposal of waste, and performing basic maintenance tasks, such as changing light bulbs or fixing minor issues.

Additionally, Perris assist with setting up and arranging furniture for meetings, conferences, or other events held within the NCII program. She also coordinates with other staff members to ensure that the office spaces are adequately prepared and meet the specific requirements of each event.

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