Sponsor a child

Financial Contribution, Educational Support, Healthcare Assistance, Nutritional Support, Communication and Relationship-building, Long-term Commitment, Stay Updated.
A monthly donation of $36 can ensure a child enjoys three meals a day.

Sponsor a family

Livelihood Support, Education Sponsorship, Healthcare and Nutritional Support, Infrastructure Development, Clean Water and Sanitation, Community Empowerment Programs. A monthly donation of $65 can ensure the family starts an income generation activity in a year.

Sponsor a school

Financial Support, Scholarships, Teacher Training, Infrastructure Development, School Feeding Programmes, Technology and Internet Access, Long-term Commitment, Volunteering. A monthly donation of $15 can ensure a child gets schools paid and a pair of uniform.

Sponsor a community

Education Sponsorship, Infrastructure Development, Skills Training and Vocational Programs, Health Initiatives, Clean Water and Sanitation, Agriculture and Livelihood Support, Environmental Conservation, Sports and Recreation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Support, Cultural Preservation and Arts. For a Group of 20 women representing families with an average of seven (140 persons), a monthly donation of $185 for a year can support them start a common income generation project.
Nalala Clinic

Sponsor a facility

Financial Donations, Equipment and Supplies, Provision of Maternity Services, Provision of an Ambulance, Provision of Emergency Equipment, Infrastructure Development, Training and Capacity Building, Telemedicine and Digital Health Solutions, Health Education and Awareness, Volunteer Programs. A donation of $400 can enable us reach a school and attend to at least 200 children on preventive care and if need be, medication.