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The Ormoti Borehole

The Olmoti borehole started as an initiative from the community who raised concern on how the community members had to walk for long distances to neighboring villages in search of water for their domestic uses. In 2014, Nalala C.I.I visited the village and did an assessment of the problem and identified a need for a source of water for the community. The main source of water before was from a water pan that could get dirty since animals also drunk from the same source and humans. Other sources were two boreholes in neighboring villages where community members had to walk for five or more kilometers in search of clean water. Children would miss out on schools to care for their siblings since their parents were forced to spend longer hours of the day in search for water. In 2015, with support from ERIKS Development Partner, the sinking of the borehole begun and the borehole was fully equipped in the beginning of 2016. The borehole was officially handed to the community in 2016 where the community members through a committee are responsible for the borehole management. To date, the borehole has continued to serve more than 200 households with safe water for both consumption and domestic purposes.