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Josephines Story

This is Josephine Muthiani, a mother of nine and member of the Tei Self Help Group. When we met during a households assessment, her house was not in a good condition let alone the fact that it was the same house that sheltered her children and a few goats and chicken. She had just joined the Tei Self Help Group a few months earlier and never spoke or commented on anything during the Group meetings, her self-esteem was very low and did not consider herself worthy to speak in front of people. Last year, through Nalala, Josephine got help and built a new permanent house for her children. I never imagined that I could ever own such a house in my life, Nalala C.I.I. has really proved me wrong. People were calling me names because I could not pay school fees for my children. They were always home but since I joined the Tei Self Help Group, I have been able to increase my income and my children are now in school. She was quoted saying this in May 2019. Her story is both a success for Nalala C.I.I and her Group. Joining the Self Help Group has increased her confidence and she can now provide for her children.