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Food Security, Livelihood & Environmental Conservation

Food security exists when people can obtain a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through sustainable food systems that maximizes the community ability to meet their own dietary need and increase their level of self-reliance. Poverty being a major problem in our operational area, many community members are not able to provide enough for their families. Frequent droughts prevent farmers from producing enough food and also lead to death of crops and animals once they occur. N.C.I.I has been working with registered Women Groups with the aim of finding alternative livelihood production means and provides support to community/Group initiated projects. Some of the Group projects that have been supported by Nalala C.I.I include purchase of cows and goats, grants for table banking/micro-finance, bee keeping, chicken rearing, making of maasai ornaments among others. All this is in the pursuit of improving the capacity and income of the vulnerable households to care for their children. N.C.I.I has incorporated the component of environmental conservation that is intended to instil the culture of tree planting in children and the community at large. Water is also a major problem in our operational area and this has led N.C.I.I to sink as per now a total of five boreholes that are meant to provide water for both domestic and irrigational purposes. N.C.I.I has also donated water tanks to needy community members to enable them to harvest water during rainy seasons for domestic use.