Our History

How Nalala Began

N.C.I.I started informally way back in 2010 and by 2011 sought registration as a community based organization having over 350 children living in a small Centre within Emali. By 2012, the children population was bloated and absolutely unmanageable. This prompted us to liaise with our esteemed donor Eriksjalpen of Sweden in order to arbitrate a radical option in the best interest of children. Senior staff then embarked on a mission to psychologically and economically prepare parents and guardians of a change in sponsorship program since all the children were to be moved from the Centre and be taken care of by their parents/guardians. Integration of children meant that direct economic and psycho social support was vital to the parents/guardians. We embarked on this in 2011 having teamed up with government relevant departments like the provincial Administration then where we involved Chiefs and Sub-Chiefs. We thus embarked on a concerted community sensitization campaign which aimed at convincing all stakeholders that children are best taken care of in a family set up and not in children homes. Further, we started assisting the extremely poor parents/guardians to get ready for their loved ones by doing a number of things ranging from buying them milking cows, goats, bedding to building small two or three roomed houses. With gratitude, we ensured that all the children found family set ups. By 2012, we had all the children in various locations most of them being in Kajiado. Consequently, we zoned the area with high concentration of children and encourages parents/guardians to form community based organizations through which we would ensure that donor funds reached them in a well organized manner. Further, we sought various experts in different fields and this included government officers like those working with Ministry of Agriculture. The now seven community Groups (except HIV/AIDS one in Emali town) were trained on animal husbandry but with emphasis of cows and goats. Chicken trainings trailed in later years. Fees to the children was directly paid to schools, medical outreach camps conducted to various villages in rotation and in 2014 a small community clinic was built to offer more services like laboratory tests which outreaches could not. As years rolled and Nalala had become a Non-Governmental Organization, we morphed into a fully-fledged community development organization undertaking remarkable development in education where we have to date been constructing Early Childhood Development Centres and classrooms, school administration blocks, pit latrines and other ways of educational support. In livelihood, we have been buying domestic animals, funding community agricultural activities, offering micro finance to sinking of boreholes. There are a myriad of activities which may not practically be discussed here for space may not allow..